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Is It a Good Idea to Take Conservatorship of an Elder Loved One?

Is It a Good Idea to Take Conservatorship of an Elder Loved One?

Our parents are our caregivers. Often, this does not stop because we are grown. They continue to be there for us through tough times and good times as well. However, as we watch our loved one's age, we start to notice that their mind and body may also develop problems. It then becomes our job to take care of them, be there to support them, and guide them through the good times and the bad. This may also mean that we have to make tough choices for them. You may have to find out whether it is a good idea to take conservatorship of your elderly loved one.

The Toughest Decision You Will Ever Make

From the time we are born, we see our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., as heroes. We see them as larger than life, nothing will ever get the best of them, type people. We turn to them, knowing that their advice will be better than anything we could possibly come up with on our own. We depend on them. They are our dose of reality and so much more. Then, as we grow up and have families of our own, they also change. They become older and for some, this also means that their mind starts to slip a little.

It can be very hard for you to see the person you once believed was larger than life suddenly start to have trouble remembering, but it can happen. Approximately 1 in 70 people who are aged 65 and up will be diagnosed with dementia and that number climbs to 1-in-4 if they are 85-89 years of age. Beyond that, approximately 5.7 million Americans live with Alzheimer's.

Sometimes, our loved ones may become incapable of caring for themselves and making good decisions. At that time, you may have to decide whether your loved one needs a conservator to make decisions for them.

Why Conservatorship Is a Good Choice

As the mind begins to fade, our loved ones may become easily confused or forgetful. It may be something simple, like forgetting a face or not recognizing someone that they love. This can be hurtful for the family, but it is not necessarily dangerous for them. However, because our loved ones have lived their entire lives being independent caregivers, you may also have to deal with their independent streaks. They may want to cook for themselves, but often forget to turn the stove on or off. They may want to drive their vehicle to go to the store, but be unable to find their way home or remember why they wanted to go to town. They may zone out sometimes and sit for hours staring out a window, forgetting that they need to go to the bathroom. This is when they become a danger to themselves and you may need more than encouragement to help them get the help they need.

Is It Time for You to Become a Conservator?

No one wants to see an adult person lose their rights to choose. Therefore, taking conservatorship of someone can be a challenge. The courts will need to be involved. They will have to see proof that your loved one is unable to make decisions for themselves. You will need a doctor to state that there is cause for concern. You will also need to be prepared for your devotion to be tested as the judge will look into why you want to become attain conservatorship. Will you handle their finances properly and with their best interest in mind?

If you are hoping to protect your loved one by attaining conservatorship, the Law Offices of James C. Shields can give you advice on where to start. We have a dedicated team who understand what you are going through and want to help you make the best decision for your family. Simply contact us and we will provide the answers you need.


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