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Estate Planning

Estate Planning & Probate Matters - Taking Care of Aging Parents

Estate planning, probate matters and taking care of aging parents have become very complex over the past few decades. Thankfully, Elder Law advocates for the elderly; this includes a vast array of legal matters, from estate planning and probate matters to long-term care planning, retirement, health care, Social Security, guardianship, Medicare/Medicaid/Medi-Cal, and other legal matters.

People of those generations have had great opportunities in building nest eggs and portfolios, from real estate to stock investments. But even those with few assets need estate planning and protection. As these generations age in place, many products have been introduced to help with estate planning and wealth management. However, unless you have a working knowledge in these fields when it comes to these types of legal matters, you may need some professional guidance to help sort it all out.

The Law Offices of James C. Shields prides itself on over 50 years of knowledge, collectively, providing customized solutions in these specialized fields. From powers of attorney to last wills and testaments to living trusts and more, taking care of aging parents is one of their many specialties.

Choosing the right options for your aging parent's estate can be a daunting task; there are many options from which to choose. For example, what is the difference between a charitable trust, a spendthrift trust, and a living trust? Who needs an advance directive or living will; what are the differences?

The staff at the James C Shields law firm can help you navigate estate planning and probate matters so that you can make the best choices and take the best care of your aging parents. Also, this firm serves the Los Angeles and Orange County area where Medi-Cal planning plays a major role in estate planning.

You don't know what you don't know. Do your parent's assets need to go into conservatorship? Is there a guardianship that needs to be set up? The questions are endless and can be very emotional and overwhelming. Children of aging parents, especially if disabled, are typically not equipped to handle the physical or sensitive emotional needs of aging adults.

A good attorney can help in many ways when it comes to taking care of your aging parents and their estate planning and probate matters. Their expertise ranges from drafting directives and wills to durable powers of attorney and more. They can also help with planning accordingly for adults or minors with special needs, and will discuss the probate process in a manner you will understand. They can also help in creating a durable power of attorney, long-term health care planning, and Medicare management. Of major importance, they will help you understand patients rights and what you can do to resolve issues, help locate long-term care facilities as well as assisted living cost management. As part of the services, they can help with nursing home claims as well.

If you are in the process of looking into estate planning or probate for your aging parents, contact the Law Firm of James C Shields and let us help.