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Probate & Trust Administration Documents

Managing trusts and sorting out a will going through the probate process is a daunting task to anyone not wholly familiar with what needs to be done. The laws surrounding the matter are extremely sensitive. One mistake could cause the entire thing to take much longer, invalidate certain aspects of the will, or ultimately cost you more finances than you originally had to put into it. Rather than going into this complex procedure alone, let an experienced Torrance probate lawyer from the Law Offices of James C. Shields help you.

Comprehensive List of All Documents

When someone passes away, you will need to gather a wide variety of documents, information, and sundries related to their estate or assets. In order to help you through this process, we have comprised a comprehensive listing of all the documents and articles you might need. If you cannot locate some of these items, our probate lawyers can help find them with you.

  1. Wills, trusts, and any amendment or codicils to them (originals ideal, copies acceptable)
  2. Death certificate (originals ideal, copies may be acceptable)
  3. Bank account statements, deposit certificates, and other brokerage materials
  4. Records or copies of any stocks in privately-owned companies
  5. Treasury bills or bonds
  6. General or limited partnership certificates and agreements (originals ideal, copies acceptable)
  7. Mutual fund account statements (originals ideal, copies acceptable)
  8. Deeds to real property, regardless of physical or geographical location
  9. Mortgages or deeds of trusts
  10. Information relating to IRA, Keogh, pensions, and annuity plans
  11. Information regarding relevant life insurance policies
  12. Tax returns (three years' worth, at least)
  13. All current or relevant credit card statements
  14. Certificates of title for possessed automobiles (sea vessels also included)
  15. Inventory, location, and number of all safe deposit boxes
  16. Name, address, and contact number of decedent's personal accountant
  17. Compilation of any lawsuits decedent was involved with (defendant, plaintiff, or otherwise)
  18. Listing of names and addresses all children, siblings, and nieces or nephews
  19. Anything else that might indicate assets or estate property of decedent

Note: Your situation may call for some, none, or all of these articles. You may also require some documentation not included on this list. Be sure to consult with a professional probate attorney to ensure nothing is overlooked.

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The sooner you begin compiling all the paperwork required for your probate administration or litigation, the sooner you will start to feel a general sense of relief. All of that responsibility on your shoulders does not need to stay there for long. Let our Torrance probate attorneys do all the heavy lifting and all the stressful legwork on your behalf. Don't you already have enough to worry about as it is?

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