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Find Success With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Find Success With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing chapter 13 bankruptcy is a process that requires you to think differently about your finances. The proceeding, which lasts three to five years, is one where you pay back debts under a repayment plan. Living with the finance plan for several years can be challenging, but by choosing to follow the tips shared here, you can be successful.

Chapter 13 Petition

When filing your paperwork for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, being honest is crucial. Disclose all of your assets, income, expenses, and liabilities to the best of your ability. Failure to do so can result in your case being dismissed or criminal prosecution.

Chapter 13 Payment Plan

Only propose a plan you can afford. In order to do this successfully, you should take an honest look at your finances and create a budget that works for you.


It can be a relief to have your plan confirmed, but it doesn’t mean your case is over. Things can happen during the years your bankruptcy is pending so you shouldn’t ignore calls or mail from creditors, your attorney, or your Chapter 13 trustee.

It is also important keep your attorney up to date with any changes in your finances. You may discover that Chapter 13 isn’t working for you and you want to dismiss your case. Another option is converting your case to Chapter 7, which can also be helpful.


Even with the best intentions, situations can arise which are beyond your control. Job loss, income changes, illness, or various budget changes are all possibilities. Instead of trying to fix it by taking out a new loan or stopping your payments, consider how the court can help:

  • Modify or temporarily suspend plan payments
  • Extend the plan’s length
  • Grant permission to take on a new debt
  • Allow the refinancing of a pre-petition secured, such as a mortgage

In many cases, choosing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a smart option. As you consider your choices, please contact us and let us know how we can help.