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Guardianship: Make Sure Your Children Are Protected

Being a parent is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Taking care of your child, though, is more than making sure he or she has their basic needs met today, it also requires thinking of their future if you are not in it. It’s not always easy to think about death, and the thought of someone else raising your children can make you shudder, but it is crucial for responsible parents to tackle these issues and appoint a guardian for their minor children.
How Will Guardianship Will Protect Your Children If You Die?
A legal guardian is the person that parents name to care for their non-adult children should the unthinkable happen. A common misunderstanding is that if there is no named guardian in the parent's will, the child's closest relative, such as a grandparent or aunt, will take care of them should both parents pass, but the truth is, anyone can step forward to claim the job and the judge will make the final decision.
When parents nominate a guardian in their will, it provides the following benefits:
• After the parent’s death, having an appointed guardian reduces the delay in providing the minor with someone to care for them.
• There is no need for family disputes over who will become the minor’s guardian.
• The designation allows the parent to have some control over the guardian’s authority as they care for the minor.
How To Choose The Best Guardian For Your Children
When deciding on who to nominate as your child's guardian, you should consider these things:
• Values, religious beliefs, political affiliations, and a parenting style that most resembles your own
• Having the time and energy required to take care of your child
• Willing to be named as your child's guardian
• Someone your child is comfortable with
• Having the financial, emotional, and physical means to care for your child
Once you have found the person who you want to name as your child's guardian, it is crucial to get it in writing using legally binding documents. When you have made your decision, contact us so we can help you create the legal documents you need.