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When is it Time to Create a Will?

When is it Time to Create a Will?

Elder Couple With Younger FamilyThe story of the multi-car crash on the evening news ended happily, all parties coming out unscathed. But such scenarios don't always end with everyone walking away. In some scenarios it will be too late. Don't wait until life events that signal it is time to make a will.

It doesn't take a life-altering experience to signal you need a will. Proper financial planning and creation of a will should start well ahead of the time you think you should have one. Besides having all your affairs in order for your loved ones, by creating a will, you will have the choice of who inherits your assets--not the court. Dying without a will can complicate the administration of your estate and increase the costs for your executors.

Your age isn't a determination of whether you think you need a will. If you've added to your family, purchased a home, or have accumulated assets of any kind, a will is an essential piece of your estate planning. The time to create a will is now, before you and your loved ones need one.

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The law offices of James C. Shields has years of experience creating wills for our clients. Proper planning will help you and your family handle the unplanned. Let us create a will for you that instills peace of mind and fulfills your wishes. For more information on types of wills and creating a will, contact us.