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Advance Care Planning

Let's Talk about Advance Care Planning

A 2011 Forbes article reads;

"Don't Pull the Plug! A Family's Battle with the Hospital -- A 65 year old man suffered a massive aneurysm, and within a day, testing showed that he was brain dead. His family could not accept it.

There was no health care directive.

No one was sure what he would have wanted….."

These types of situations are not easy to digest. In thinking of these moment makes one wonder, what would I do as family member or if I was in the hospital bed? Advance Care Planning can alleviate any confusion, on the course of acting that needs to be taken in these situations. In the event that you would sub come to unfortunate events, your wishes will be documented and planned accordingly. Appoint and document a designated decision maker for you care. To properly secure a designated decision maker you should seek law counseling to fall in accordance with your states law. Your Advance Care Planning should include descriptive documentation of your goals and care treatment preferences. Make sure to cover all details of you primary, acute, and long-term care.

Where do I start? Conversing about death or near death events can be a little uncomfortable. Even thinking upon being in a coma can seem like an unrealistic thing that could happen to you, especially if you are in good health. Advance Care Planning is a necessary measure that must be thought and talked about. Ways to ease into getting started to advance care planning is:

  • Take assessments
  • View forums/blog posts on Advance Care Planning
  • Research
  • Talk over with family/peers
  • Consult with a law professional

It may seem like Advance Care Planning is for those who are elder or have critical illness, were it is obvious that care could be needed in the near of distant future. This is on the contrary, A 2005 headlined article from fox news reads "Car Crashes Kill 40,000 in U.S every Year". This report is only about fatalities of car crashes, imagine how many car crashes resulted in major or critical care. Fate has never agreed to be on our schedule but we can always prepare for fates left turns.

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