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How to Care for Your Aging Parents

Caring for your parents as they age isn't always about medical treatment. There are also some legal issues that you can help them get prepared so they don't have to worry about it. Some of these legal issues include things like having a last will and testament written up, having a living will, and having estate planning if appropriate.

Most, if not all, legal issues like these should be handled by someone like a family lawyer or a trusted attorney from outside the family. An attorney that specializes in things like living wills can advise your loved one of how to have it written up, what to include in it, etc. Let's take a closer look as to why these things are important for your folks.

Why legal documents like wills are so important

A will is basically a document that states what you want to happen in the event of your death in regards to things like property, money, things like that. It prevents a lot of arguments and confusion from breaking out when a loved one passes because it spells out very clearly what is going to happen to that loved one's possessions and if there are any conditions to those possessions. So a will is a very powerful document to have.

A living will states what to do when you're on life support so this is an important one as well. Your parents are aging so if the worst should happen, documents like these would clearly spell out what actions should be taken.

How you can help

The biggest way that you can help your aging parents get something like a will written up is to look for a good attorney. Your parents may not be in the best state to look for one so you can help them by doing the leg work and properly vetting attorneys. This means looking at how long they've been in practice, looking up any issues, and reading up on reviews. |When you do find a good attorney, just bring your parents along and take it from there.


Caring for your aging parent's means much more than just medical things. It means making sure that they can get their affairs are in order. Getting an attorney to have a will or living will written up is a great first step. If you need more information on things like estate planning or wills, then click here to contact the Law Offices of James C. Shields and get the process started.