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Covid Crisis Drives Teachers To Create Wills; Should You?

You may have seen the multitude of media articles discussing the current fears of school teachers returning to the classroom during the height of the COVID-19 crisis and their seemingly collective drive towards creating their living wills and advance directives, just in case the disease spreads within their schools, and they get seriously ill.

Many of these teachers aren't ready for retirement and must work to support their families, just as you do. They are thinking about their families and, in particular, their children.

This is a legitimate fear that, in one way or another, has weighed on all of our minds recently and it is the ultimate question that can be applied to almost any situation:

What if?

Should You Create A Living Will?

A living will, or advanced directive, is a legal document or contract, that states exactly what should happen to you if you are somehow incapacitated and unable to make health decisions for yourself. Anyone could be rendered incapacitated at any time due to accident or medical impairment and it is important to make your last wishes known in a way that can't be argued.

Coronavirus symptoms and serious conditions has put many people in comas, for example.

A living will addresses your medical directives, such as legalizing and enforcing a DNR, for example, and names a power of attorney who can make decisions for you about certain things when you are somehow unavailable to do so.

Not only will you feel immediate relief after making these decisions, but your family will also be grateful to know and understand your wishes so that they may deal with whatever happens with the strength and confidence they know would make you proud.

What About An Estate Plan?

You may want to take the next step and create an estate plan that addresses your wishes concerning your physical assets, such as your property, business, and money, after your passing. An estate administrator will take control of your money and assets to prepare for division, per your wishes, but they also provide specific services and responsibilities that many people forget about when losing someone they love.

An estate administrator will settle any debts left behind after your death, such as credit cards and student loans, and will take care of all remaining tax issues that may have been left behind. They can handle insurance claims and speak for you during any probate matters. The administrator will ensure that there are no loose ends for your family to deal with before and after your will is settled.

Your family can concentrate on keeping themselves safe while mourning and getting through the remainder of the crisis, instead of going out of their way to finagle your finances.

Most likely, you won't even need to use these documents now, or even in the near future, but getting them done as soon as possible will take a ton of stress off your shoulders and the shoulders of your loved ones. You will finally have an answer to that awful question:

What if?

Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind is priceless. It allows you to concentrate on what is important to you without having to worry about nagging existential problems that arise in times like these. Taking care of your future now frees you and your loved ones in so many ways. Let the worry go and discuss your options with a professional.

Contact us at the Law Offices Of James C. Shields for your peace of mind. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team can help you create the future that you wish for yourself and your family affordably and efficiently. This is the ultimate way to take control of your future and a legitimate final gift for your family.