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Mistakes to Avoid when Writing your Will

Mistakes to Avoid when Writing your Will

Everyone has a bucket list filled to the brim with life aspirations, such as exercising every day, eating healthier, starting a new hobby and repainting your kitchen walls. What's probably first on said bucket list, though, is a will. Life is crazy, unpredictable, and short, and the last thing you want is to be unprepared when your time comes.

The benefits of producing a will include:

  • authority in the dispersal of your assets
  • fulfillment of your wishes
  • division of your property
  • affirmation of your family's well-being

Dying without a will produces problems, and while you won't be at the receiving end of these problems, your family unfortunately will. Therefore, rather than waiting until it's too late, why not begin your will now? During this process, avoid the mistakes that so many others make in order to keep your will clean and pristine.

Leaving out assets

The point of a will is to have control over who gets what when you're no longer around, so by leaving out some of your belongings, you're only causing strife to your loved ones. In order to avert any confusion or altercations, be sure to add even the most minor belongings to your will.

Forgetting to update

Life is a roller coaster up until the day you pass, and circumstances change within the time you first write your will to the time you die. If, by chance, a child is born or you become married or divorced, these events should and must be updated in your will to avoid confusion or accidental isolation of one or more family members. Glancing at your will every so often can avoid this mishap.

Choosing the wrong Executor

An executor is the person who is responsible of settling the property and dispersing the belongings you mention in your will. An executor does not necessarily have to be a professional, but it does have to be a trustworthy, competent person. Choosing the wrong person could result in chaos from misinterpreting your will or willfully ignoring your wishes.

Writing a will takes time, thought, and effort, but if you don't have one yet, it's not too late to start. Contact us for more information and tips on writing your will.