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Important Decisions to Consider in Selecting a Guardian

Difficult Situations When Selecting A Guardian

Sometimes selecting a guardian for your children is easy. Sometimes, it can be downright difficult, especially with the challenges that come with the blended families that are becoming more common. Divorce and remarriage can make choosing guardians hard. Here are some solutions to difficult situations when you must choose a guardian for your child.

If you do not want your ex to raise your children, you need to find a guardian that you both can live with. Even if you have split custody, you might not want your ex-spouse raising your children full time. This can be a very difficult decision and should not be taken lightly. However, you must look out for your children. You might have to write a letter in your will, explaining why you chose the way that you did.

If you have children from another marriage, you need to think about each child individually. Sometimes you might want to split up your children. Sometimes, people try to keep an entire family of blended children together. Sometimes, you need to name different guardians for each child. You have to think ahead and how well they will fit into each household and if each household could take every one of your children or just some of them.

If you don’t like the spouse of your ex, you can simply name the one person as a guardian, instead of a couple. Especially if they end up divorcing, the person you want to have your children will continue to have them. That also allows them to have more control over your children than the spouse that you do not like.

Sometimes choosing a guardian can be complicated, especially when you have multiple children and step children. Ex-spouses remarry. Sometimes, the children’s biological parents are not the best choice. Think long and hard when choosing someone to raise your children. Contact our estate planning firm to speak with a Torrance guardianship lawyer so we can make sure that your children are going to be well taken care of.