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Choosing a Guardian for Your Children

Guardianship: Choosing a Guardian for Your Children

No one wants to think about death. However, when you have children, you really need to be able to care for them, in the event of your death. You need to pick someone to care for them and hopefully, you will have a way to provide for them when you are gone. Here are some things to discuss when you are trying to pick a guardian for your children.

  • Who are your children comfortable around? They will be traumatized enough with your death. Handing them to strangers will make life even more uncomfortable. Find someone who already knows and loves your children.
  • Who will raise your children the way that you would? You want someone who has similar values as you.
  • Who can afford to raise my children? Hopefully you will have some money to help care for your children. However, the family who takes them will need to be able to care for them. You do not want to add to someone’s burden by giving them more mouths to feed.
  • Where do you want your children to live? Will they have to move to live with someone else? Will they be able to stay in the same school district?
  • Do they want your children? You have to make sure that whoever you chose, wants your children. You want them to add to their lives like they add to yours.
  • Do they have other children? How will they handle it? Do you want someone who has children? Who does not?

There are so many different things to consider when choosing someone to take your children. As hard as it is to think of, as parents, you want to know that your children will continue to be loved after you are gone. You want to pick someone who will love them and care for them like their own. Hopefully they already are very comfortable with the people that you chose so the process goes a little smoother. Contact our estate planning attorney to make sure that your children are cared for.