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Student Loan Debt Negotiation During A Time Of Crisis

Even with different student-loan forgiveness opportunities here in the United States, so many of us have fallen behind on our student loan payments, especially during the pandemic. Unfortunately, receiving essential loans that we are never sure we'll be able to pay back just to complete our education has become, somehow, a rite of passage as well as a deeply unfair hindrance that many of us can't avoid or afford.

The problem is so bad that parents can't afford to help their own children go to college because they are still paying for their own, twenty years later. The problem is malignant and seems to be largely ignored by the federal government. Many Americans are drowning.

Did you know that you may be able to work with a lawyer and negotiate a better deal with your lenders if you can prove undue hardship, an inability to pay, and a desire to make good on the promises that you made while signing your loan documents?

The lenders want their money from you, whether you are delinquent or in default and most will jump at the chance to negotiate or renegotiate, especially when you show them you are serious with a great representative by your side.

Debt Negotiation

In California, debt negotiation is a way to show your creditors that you understand your responsibility to them and are willing to pay back as much of the debt as you can. Many times, this process can accompany bankruptcy and other money matters. Many creditors will gladly discuss a compromise if it means that they will get any money from you.

Lenders may ask for a certain percentage of your debt upfront to prove that you are serious and proactive. This should be expected. Many times they would like for you to make a few payments on time as well to reestablish trust. This is also to be expected and we can effectively negotiate a deal to make the payments much more affordable for you.

Your Approach

According to recent polls and general opinions on thousands of memes and Twitter posts, 2020 hasn't been the best year for anyone. You can make your year a bit better and a positive starting point for the rest of your life. It's true that the process can be complicated and the process may seem like a burden at first, but the relief being debt-free makes that all worth it.

Be aware that the approach we need to take with private lenders will be different from how we must approach the federal government to garner you the best deal available. Follow our lead. Debt consolidation, forgiveness, and even cancellation are all possible with effective and aggressive representation.

Let's Discuss Your Options

Your education is still an investment in your future and there are options for those of us who fall behind. Our willingness to pay back our debts and make a compromise goes a long way, for our credit and the quality of our everyday lives.

Think about it, no more phone calls, letters, and bills! No more fear. We all need to lessen the weight we carry and this is a perfect opportunity.

We have many debt relief options built to suit your needs. Beware of credit counselors who ask for more of your money. Debt consolidation is an option, but it's like taking up smoking to quit a more harmful habit, you are substituting one problem for another. Give us a call to get the problem taken care of, once and for all, no strings attached. You deserve it.

Contact us at the Law Offices of James C. Shields to discuss your options before the creditors start calling again. We will formulate a plan to decrease your debt and your stress levels at the same time. We can knowledgeably represent you and your drive towards financial freedom without breaking the bank.