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You Can Get a Good Career Without Student Loan Debt

With the rising costs of college education and the heaviness of student loan debt, some people wonder if a college education is even worth it these days. Certain professions require a collegiate education such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and teachers. However, a growing number of careers don't require a degree thanks to the Internet and more affordable offline options. You don't have to go into crushing debt to improve your skillset. Here are some ways to get good careers in an affordable way.

Consider a Civil Service Job

Most cities and states offer a variety of civil service jobs, and all you need is a high school diploma and some work experience. If you need additional training, many community colleges offer courses that cost far less than the average four-year university, and you'll complete your education in a fraction of the time. With civil service jobs, you receive health benefits and maybe a retirement plan. Some examples of civil service positions include police officers, library assistants, and administrative assistants.

Seek Out Work-From-Home Jobs

Another option would be to find work-from-home positions. Websites like FlexJobs, Indeed, Monster, and Upwork are all great starting points for researching these jobs. Read the job qualifications and duties carefully so that you won't waste your time applying for a job that you're not qualified for.

Enter a Career That Doesn't Require a Degree

If you're a junior or senior in high school, now is the time to look into alternatives to college. Some jobs allow you to be an apprentice with an experienced skilled worker while others might require one or two online courses. Moneywise has a detailed list of careers that don't require a degree.

In conclusion, these tips can assist you in achieving your career goals debt-free.

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