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Legal Tools for Protecting Your Loved Ones with Dementia

Dementia is the decline of problem-solving, memory, and other thinking abilities. Any disorder regarding memory loss or cognitive inability is crushing for everyone involved. The number of dementia cases has increased and has become more prevalent within the aging adult demographic. Unfortunately, with the number growing leaves to it a significant increase in obstruction with financial matters. Take a look at a few tools you can use to protect your loved one from financial or legal harm:

Prepare Early

Dementia is most common among aging adults with the average age of onset of 80. Legal professionals recommend elders and their families to ensure will doctrines and healthcare directives are in place and updated. If dementia is known within the family to be hereditary, it is essential to prepare as soon as possible. Early-onset of dementia averages between ages 60-65. Without a plan in place, legal decisions will become harder to make for your loved one as time goes on due to the decrease in cognitive abilities.

Find a Memory Care Community

If you determine your loved one requires increased care with their dementia, you should schedule an appointment with a memory care community within their home radius. The memory care community is required by law for dementia patients. The community will assess your loved one and write a plan regarding the care needed. The critical part of the community care is it should be frequently re-developed as dementia is an ailing and continuously changing disorder.

Appoint Power of Attorney

Once your loved one becomes unable to make sound financial decisions or medical care, a power of attorney is helpful. Commonly a family member, someone is designated to make financial and medical decisions on behalf of their loved one with dementia. A financial power of attorney makes decisions regarding debts, credit, and estates. A medical power of attorney makes the patients desired medical care decisions.

Dementia is a devastating disorder. Our legal professionals want to take great care of your future and the future of your loved one. Contact The Law Offices of James C. Shields for any questions or to get started on a case.