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Five Money Saving Apps to Demolish Your Debt

You've finally graduated - congratulations! However, you might be worried that your student loan debt will quickly drive you into bankruptcy. In the twenty-first century, we're always looking for a quick app to help solve every problem. While an app can't cancel all of your student debt, here are some free choices that might help you take the first step toward a hopeful future.


Qapital is a money saving app that allows users to personalize their goals and strategies for saving. First, users set goals for what they are trying to achieve. Then they choose different strategies for helping them reach those goals. For example, it can be set to put spare change towards your goal. Qapital can also be set to save money whenever the user chooses to spend on a "guilty pleasure." Additionally, Qapital helps clients choose places to invest and allows them to share goals with other members for accountability.


Chime is simple but effective for those who are trying to create better saving habits. They are a banking app with no overdraft or monthly minimum fees. Chime allows users to automatically save 10% of their paychecks in a savings account to help avoid the temptation to spend everything immediately. Also, users can choose to "round up" their purchases, meaning that the extra money goes into their savings.


People who are motivated to save money but don't know how might benefit from using the app Joy. Not only does Joy help track your spending, it also analyzes your purchases and makes suggestions for how to save more money. It also allows you to track your mood to see which spending truly makes you feel more joyful, and what you think is going to make you happy but doesn't measure up.


For those who want to invest but aren't sure where to start, Acorn is a good place to start. Like some other apps, Acorn rounds up your transactions and automatically saves the difference. Instead of throwing change into a piggy bank, Acorn allows users to do that in the virtual world. Additionally, it then helps you invest the money in different portfolios. However, Acorn does have some fees for its investment platform.

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is another free app that helps users differentiate between wise and less-wise spending. Clarity helps users find and cancel old subscriptions, determine insight into spending and saving habits, and even negotiate down bills. Clarity is an easy way to track and view your spending to help stay within your budget.

The path to financial success and away from bankruptcy always starts with one tiny step, but it can be difficult to determine what the right step is. After reading about these apps, think about what best fits your situation and take that first step by trying it. After that, take another step by contacting us at the Law Offices of James C. Shields. We are committed to helping people struggling to pay off their debt by offering payment plans, reasonable fees, and guaranteed quality services.