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Dealing With Bankruptcy in Probate

Dealing With Bankruptcy in Probate

There are many people who worry about their finances. One of the biggest fears for many people is leaving a financial mess behind after they are gone. With the rising cost of medical care in the United States, many people get wiped out financially after a medical issue. Without new streams of income coming in, many people have to declare bankruptcy late in life. Some people find out that their family member has had financial issues after they die. This is an area that we help many families in.


Many people never think that they will have to deal with bankruptcy. However, this is getting more common every year among elderly people. There are many people who simply cannot manage their own finances. If you have a family member who has passed away and left a financial mess, working with our team can help you in that process. We have a lot of experience helping people get out of a financial jam.

Financial Planning

As a person enters the late stages of life, financial planning becomes more important than ever before. If you have a family member who is getting older, checking in on them financially is essential. If not, you are opening up a lot of potential issues once they are gone.

Our Team

Over the years, our team has helped thousands of people deal with wills and trusts after a person has died. One of the most complicated things to deal with is a bankruptcy after a family member passes away. Although it seems unlikely, we handle many cases like this every year. We know the steps to take to get you financially organized with the issues you will face.