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Do Not Let Creditor Harassment Control Your Life

Do Not Let Creditor Harassment Control Your Life

Being in debt is not a situation you want to find yourself in. However, many people do find themselves in this situation. On top of the difficulties of trying to swim out of debt, you will also have to deal with the stress of the collection agencies constantly calling you. If are a victim of creditor harassment. you are already aware of the uncomfortable feeling of picking up the phone and hearing a debt collector on the other end.

Many people feel like they just have to put up with the creditor harassment because they do not know that there are things that can be done to prevent them from being harassed. The harassment from the creditors is not going to stop on its own, and not answering the phone is not going to help anything. If your debt has been turned over to a collection agency, the agency will have many people who can sit and call people all day.

With some helpful tips, you are going to be able to know what all of your rights are.

It is important that you know your rights when it comes to debt collecting. Many people are not comfortable answering the phone, especially when they know a debt collector may be on the other end. You should not let yourself be pushed around by a debt collector. You are not under the control of a debt collector. You should not let the person on the other end anger you.

There are certain things a debt collector is not allowed to do, and you should be fully aware of those things. If you have not given a creditor permission to call you before 8 in the morning or 9 at night, they should not call you. You can let the creditors know that they should not call anyone in your family or anyone you work for.

It is not legal for a creditor to do any of the following:

  • Call you constantly
  • Call you when you at work, especially if you have informed them not to call you
  • Call you at unacceptable hours
  • Contact family members, friends, and even your neighbors
  • Threaten to arrest you
  • Use inappropriate language

When someone calls you at claims he or she is a debt collector, you should make sure it is the truth. You should not agree to pay anything if there is no proof that you owe anything. If the company can provide you with anything documenting your debt, you do have the right to tell them to not contact you anymore.

You should not allow creditors to control your life. Contact us today if you are ready to take action.