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3 Reasons to Review Your Estate Plan Before You Travel

3 Reasons to Review Your Estate Plan Before You Travel

If you have a trip lingering in the horizon, you probably already know that there is a lot you need to do before you leave. You may have created a to-do list that includes everything from watering the plants to packing a coat. What could be missing from your list? Reviewing your estate plan before you travel.

1. Loved Ones Need to Know Where to Find Your Plan

If you are traveling far away and something should happen to you, you want to ensure that loved ones will be able to find the estate plan. Keep your estate plan somewhere safe and instruct somebody back at home where they would be able to find it in case of an emergency. It is also wise to leave a copy with your estate attorney and pass along your attorney's business card.

2. Recent Changes May Have Occurred in the Family

If anybody related to your estate plan has recently passed away, gotten married, or had a child, you may wish to alter it at this time. It's as good a time as any, so why not make those important changes now?

3. Your Estate Plan May Affect Those Traveling with You

Let's say that you have an adult child who will be going with you on vacation but is also serving as your healthcare advocate. In the case that something happens to this person while you are traveling, it is wise to appoint a healthcare proxy while you are on the road. This makes sure that you always have somebody catering to your needs in the event that your chosen advocate can not.

Don't have an estate plan and intending to travel in the near future? You need to establish a plan right away. Contact us to learn more about how you can get started.