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3 Smartphone Apps To Help You Improve Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

3 Smartphone Apps To Help You Improve Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

Your credit score can take a hit after filing for bankruptcy, which can make financial decisions later in life more difficult. Slowly building your credit score after bankruptcy will allow you to receive better credit cards and increase your spending limits, find the best deals on your mortgage, or get a good car loan. But improving your credit score takes some time and effort.

Here are 3 apps that can help you improve your score over time after receiving a bankruptcy discharge.

  1. Mint (iOS/Android): Keeping your spending on track is the first step to raising your credit score. When you're saddled with more debt than you can handle, especially after bankruptcy, it makes it even harder to receive a loan. That's why we have to recommend Mint. There's a reason why this all-platform app is a leading finance tracker and budget planner. Mint's intuitive design allows users to see their spending patterns clearly. It also provides free tips for your finances and allows you to see your credit score for free.
  2. Bill Tracker (iOS): This bill reminder app can help you remember to pay your bills on time. Late payments on your credit card bill, loans, or even your rent can affect your credit score, especially after a bankruptcy discharge. By paying on time, you'll improve your credit score and avoid late fees as well.
  3. Credit Karma (Android/iOS): When you need free credit scores and reports, Credit Karma is there for you. In addition, the app will scan your bank and credit card accounts to help you find better deals for loans, auto insurance, mortgages, and credit cards based on your spending habits. This can help you keep a good eye on your credit score and make sure your finances are managed well.

Overall, these apps are a great way to stay aware and invested in your finances and credit score, but they only play a small role in a well-rounded financial plan. For more tips on how to manage your loans and credit, contact us.