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The Estate of Robin Williams Goes to Court

Making the Hard Even Harder: Robin Williams' Widow and Children Fight Over Estate

As if losing a loved one is not tragic enough, when the estate of that loved one becomes a battleground there is often no way to overcome that sense of betrayal. Robin Williams did not pass without making arrangements for his estate. He took the time to set up the means to provide for his wife of 3 years, as well as divide the remainder between his children.

Wealth of all kinds was designated for distribution to family or to be held as trusts. Not content to allow the trusts to be funded, or to give up what the children called collections and the widow called knickknacks, the widow's legal team had papers and filings flying, the court battle was joined.

Imagine the devastating situation this headline, Robin Williams' widow and children fight over estate, would have meant if there had been no estate planning at all. There would be no guidance at all to attempt to settle this situation. Now, imagine your own family in that dilemma.

Your estate does not need to have Oscar and Emmy statues or millions in film royalties and rights to be a war zone if a solid plan hasn't been made. Taking the time to make your will, your wishes and bequests, known is one last loving act you can make possible by planning ahead. Family and friends who are mourning you are thinking with their broken hearts and wishing to hold on to you. Sharing your possessions, even among otherwise close members, can strain those bonds.

Taking the time to create your estate plan, talking with a qualified planner, keeping the terms clear and updated as time passes makes a time of sorrow a bit less trying. Knowing that you have done your best to have your wishes fulfilled can take one more worry off your own plate. Advanced directives and living wills take the confusion out of a difficult decision time.

Consider all the options, even for a modest estate. It's an act of caring that will smooth over that hard time just a bit. When you are ready to discuss planning, wills and trusts, our estate planning attorneys are ready to assist you. Please, contact us, at your convenience. We serve clients throughout Torrance & Riverside.