Conservator appointed when stepson misappropriated elder's trust

Unfortunately, there are people in the world that are willing to prey on elderly individuals that are no longer able to care for themselves. Some elderly individuals are vulnerable to having their trust and finances abused by those they think are honest. If a family in California suspects an elderly loved one is being abused and taken advantage of, the family could take steps to have a conservator appointed to ensure the continued care of the individual, their health and their estate.

When it became apparent that longtime actor Mickey Rooney was being egregiously abused by one of his stepsons and the stepson's wife, Rooney's attorney was appointed as the actor's conservator by a Los Angeles probate court judge. According to the claims of elder abuse that led to the conservatorship, the stepson and his wife withheld food and medication from the actor, as well as abused the elderly actor's trust to gain control over his finances.

Thankfully, the 92-year-old is now in a safe environment where people are closely tending to his wellbeing. His conservator says that the actor's love of his career has not waned, and he still makes appearances when he is able.

It can be very difficult for individuals to see a parent or other family member age. Reaching the conclusion that an elderly loved one is unable to protect themselves can be a heartbreaking process, particularly in instances where the elderly individual is resistant to help. However, the elderly individual's wellbeing is of paramount importance. Seeking the assistance of a probate attorney can help a family protect a loved one in a manner that is sensitive and maintains the individual's dignity.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, "Mickey Rooney's home to be sold for $1.3M to West Hills firm," Bill Hetherman, March 3, 2013