A unique man has his unique wishes carried out after his passing

A difficult question many individuals in Torrance and elsewhere across the country will grapple with is attempting to understand the legacy that they leave behind after they pass on. Most individuals want to make sure that the relationships they fostered in their lifetime that brought significant meaning to their life are recognized and their care is continued after the individual's death.

These relationships are unique for each individual. Often it is familial connections and meaningful friendships. For some it is organizations that championed issues important to the individual. Those relationships that give meaning are left open to the individual to define. Many will make sure that these relationships are recognized after their passing by drafting a will as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

One man lived a simple life of solitude. He did not maintain the close connections with many people that the average individual does. However, there were two actors from the 1990s and 1980s in television shows that brought great joy to this man even though he never met them.

Having never married or had children, this man wanted these actors to know of the sense of companionship and friendship he felt they gifted him in his lifetime. Accordingly, the man drafted a will with the assistance of an attorney to make sure that when his substantial amount of valuable land was sold upon his passing, the actors would be the beneficiaries of his estate.

Both of the actors are set to divide most of the profits from this individual's farmland which could sell for over $1 million. Although this is unconventional, it would likely make this man smile to know that after his passing he has been able to bring happiness to these actors, just as they brought happiness to his lifetime.

Source: SJ-R.com, "Broadwell man leaves estate to actors he never met," Dave Bakke, Feb. 7, 2013