Community Turns to Support Children That Just Lost Their Mother

Community Turns to Support Children That Just Lost Their Mother

It only took a moment. In just a few seconds a teenager crossed a lane of traffic and collided with a vehicle carrying a mother and her two young children. The impact instantly robbed these children of their mother. Thankfully, both of the children are expected to survive the injuries that they sustained in this out-of-state car accident that killed their mother.

These are the type of heartbreaking situations that can still evoke strong emotional reactions from people that bear no relation to the victims. The thought of these children no longer having a mother is so unbearably sad. Who will take care of them? Who will provide for their financial security? Who will make sure that despite this tragedy these children can still grow into happy, loving people that carry on the legacy of their mother?

A trust has been set up in the name of the surviving 4-year-old and 7-year-old siblings. People are sending in donations in an effort to provide for the financial care and support of these children.

When similar tragedy strikes in California, in order to establish who will take of young children when their parents pass, a guardian must be named. Parents can determine the individual that they would like to care for their children in the event of the unthinkable by drafting a testamentary will with the assistance of an estate planning attorney. In the absence of this, a court of law will appoint a guardian for minor children.

While these issues can be difficult and uncomfortable to talk about, these are important conversations that parents of young children should not ignore or delay. Speaking with an experienced estate planning attorney in Los Angeles can help parents make sure that their children are provided for in all circumstances.

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